Remediation - All Forms of Soil and Groundwater Decontamination

  • Ross' Land case study.jpg

    Ross' Land case study

    The Ross' Land project involved the reclamation of a 14 hectare site in Aberdeen, which had former uses as a sand and gravel quarry and, more recently, as a landfill. Although only part of...

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      Middlehaven I case study.jpg

    Middlehaven I case study

    On the 28th of April 2014, Blackwell began work on the Middlehaven Urban Park landscaping and remediation project. Situated in the Middlehaven area of Middlesbrough, this scheme involved the construction...

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    Middlehaven II case study.jpg

    Middlehaven II case study

    Having successfully undertaken the first phase of the project to create a new urban park in Middlesbrough, Blackwell secured the second phase...

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      Tannery and Penpoll case study.jpg

    Tannery and Penpoll case study

    Blackwell carried out the Tannery and Penpoll remediation contract on two diagonally opposite former industrial sites. The remediation of the...

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    Wobaston case study.jpg

    Wobaston case study

    The I54 contract involved the reclamation of a 96 hectare site at Wobaston Road in Pendeford, near Wolverhampton, which had been earmarked for future use as a technology-based...

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      Royal Albert Basin case study.jpg

    Royal Albert Basin case study

    The Royal Albert site comprised of five separate areas, totalling approximately 100 acres of land - which had been contaminated by previous uses. The site had previously been used as a disposal site...

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